Einstein's color temp off???

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Re: Einstein's color temp off???

Hi Jack,

There are many possibilities for different color temperatures.

But to start:


The regular dome warms the light by 300°Kelvin, so you would be @ 5300°K. add to that 2 sheets of diffusers, and you could easy get 5050°K, depending on what brand of soft box (and its age) you use.

Flash tubes are not perfect, and even brand new ones can have a difference of 200°K (from the same manufacturer, same batch). That's reality.

If you use the same head with a silver reflector, soft box with front panel only, soft box with front panel and diffuser, white reflector, soft box from a different manufacturer, older softbox, etc, etc, you will get differences in color temperature.

Once you start mixing lights with different reflectors and diffusers, you will get different color casts, which may or may not be visible, depending on the subject.

What the Einsteins are great at, is the consistency from shot to shot, even at different power settings. I had a system costing 20 times as much, and it was less consistent (but within specs of the manufacturer, when I called them on this).

If you have a chance, test the Einstein at different power settings, and also test your elinchrom the same way and see, what you get.

BTW, I have a Minolta Colorimeter III and a Bron Flash/Color meter, and they vary by about 500°. I was told By Paul Buff, that they had color meters vary by as much as 1,000°K.So the best way to check the color temp, Is to shoot a gray card like WhiBal in RAW, and then use neutral eye dropper tool in Camera Raw, Lightroom etc.

I have old chimera soft boxes, and after realizing how warm they are (used in studio only), I went the cheap route and got me a cheapo brand of softboxes: They have optical brighteners, so the color temperature is around 5900°K on a Einstein. Eight soft boxes (including two 7' Octas) were about the price of 2 smaller Chimeras, and only using this brand, I should be just fine. Are they built like a more expensive brand: Nope. But I take care of my stuff, so they will last me plenty long.

The Einsteins are not perfect, but  they have options and features, that only systems costing 20 times more have.

And if you posted your concerns on the Paul C. Buff technical forum, I am sure, they would have replied to you long time ago.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated wit PCB, but I am impressed with the Einsteins. I own 6 of them.


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