EOS-M using the Canon 100mm IS L-Series MACRO Lens (PICS)

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Re: EOS-M using the Canon 100mm IS L-Series MACRO Lens (PICS)

Marco Nero wrote:

"First impressions always last". Or so they say. My first impression of the 100mm lens is that it is the slowest lens I have used with the EOS-M. We're talking about delays as long as 8 seconds in some instances where there's no contrast in the subject to allow the AF to lock on. Longer if the lens can't find anything to lock onto. That's a long delay. Nothing like the other large L-Lenses I was using yesterday and certainly slower than the already slow 50mm f/1.2L lens that I was using. However, if the focus is already close to locked before the shutter button is half depressed, the AF is fast. Perhaps half-a-second long. But most of the time, the lens would do a quick scan of the scene by running the focus throughout the subject. Then it does a slow hunt to lock in on the area of interest. Then it seems to jack about for a more accurate focus lock on occasion, but not all the time.


I like this lens. I've used it before for work but I only made the decision to buy one for myself when the EOS-M was announced. It's a hell of a lot faster on an actual DSLR but the results obtained via the EOS-M are certainly good enough for most hobbyists and even professional applications - IF you can stomach the slow resolving of the lens at a crucial moment. It works, it's accurate and it's a little slow for shot-to-shot photographs. But it's consistently accurate and the pictures are appealing to the eye. If you already own this lens you may feel disappointed in how slow the AF is when you place it on the EOS-M ...but I find it is still a very practical lens to own and that (as you can see below), you can still nail some reasonable picture with it that few other lenses can come close to. When the EOS-M 'ProX' (or whatever they call it) is released in 2013, it's probably going to use the new sensors that Canon patented this year and the focus should be faster since the design was produced especially for this upcoming camera to (and I quote) "reduce 'Hunting' " - where the lens hunts for an accurate focus on a subject.

Until such a camera is released, the EOS-M works just fine with this lens... it's just slower than any other lens due to the weird need for the lens (and sensor) to scan the whole scene before honing in on the focus region. NOTE: It's stunningly useful when Manual Focus is used. The focus ring runs smoothly on this lens and you can lock the shot in an instant in Manual Focus mode.

Taking 8 seconds to focus - when other Canon DSLRs are much faster - makes the EOS-M unusable for applications involving living and moving people, action, etc.  It is primarily good for patient, still objects.

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