How good is the 18-105 kit lense for the D7000?

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Re: How good is the 18-105 kit lense for the D7000?

tektrader wrote:

I think its is really at its limit at the 16 mpixel the D7000 can produce.

Thanks for the first-hand report. It's bad news, but wishing won't make it go away.

Unless Nikon introduce another kit zoom in the future I expect they will offer the 18-105 with both the 5200 and the 3200 kit again.

As an alternative, you are then stuck with either DX primes or the FX primes meant for the D600 which would give you an odd zoom range on the DX cameras.

Mind you the 12-24 DX lens is really nice if a little expensive. The 17-35 f2.8 or 17-55 F2.8 would be a good alternative choices if a bit expensive.

I invoked Thom, but I'm not one of his Wide Angle Warlocks; the wide angle lenses you suggest would be way too short for me. Even the 17-55. An aperture of F2.8 in a zoom is not all that important to me either; to my way of thinking that's what primes are for.

If and when I do get a D400, my first thought for an upgrade to my 18-105 would be the 16-85 (hopefully the rumored F4 version). If that isn't up to snuff for a 24MP DX, I'd then look at the various 24-XX zooms intended for FX, despite their being big and expensive. A focal length range of 24-70 or 24-85 or 24-120 would work far better ​for me​ than 17-55.

Or maybe we'll get lucky, with Nikon introducing a new 18-105 or 18-70 kit zoom that's up to snuff on a 24 megapixel DX body.

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