Nex-7 with sel 16mm and UWA

Started Dec 2, 2012 | Discussions thread
OP Pentaxdan1985 Regular Member • Posts: 111
Re: I guess no one cares to comment :/

Ahh, I see (I thought the blank comment was a quip at the title of no comments lol).  The reason why I chose the wide angle was so that I could get close and feel the energy of my subject but at the same time still keep a since of setting and environment.  Also, I haven't had the UWA for very long so it is still new and fun.  I tried taking some shots of the car using the sel 50, but it didn't give me what I wanted for composition.

I know the 16mm isnt thought of as being very good, however, if kept at f8 it will give good results.  I wouldn't expect to much from it wide open indoors.  And it does seem to perform a little better with the wide angle adapter.  I have a 24x36 inch print in my living room that looks amazing that I took with the 16mm and original nex-5.

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