Finder driving me crazy, keeps popping window when importing !

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Re: Finder driving me crazy, keeps popping window when importing !

Mark K W wrote:

When Lightroom is open, the window that pops up is the one I described earlier, where the images end up after being moved by Lightroom from the "listening" folder.

When Lightroom is closed, the "listening" window is the one that opens.

[You can ignore all my words if you want; I am not a Nikon user, just a puzzled Mac and LR user]

When you say LR is closed, do you mean it is completely quit???

If so and your finder window appears, it is unrelated to LR...

I think noirdesir has it right - i.e. that the most likely culprit is the WT-4A has a helper application which is monitoring for the inbound files, and it is just using finder to "helpfully" show you where it has put (or finds) them after each transfer burst.

I don't have that WT-4 unit, and a quick read of the specs and what-not says it connects to your computer in a couple of ways - via ftp or peer-to-peer, but are there configration options to it - either on the Mac client software or on the unit itself? Is it some separate ftp client you use on the Mac?

Did you try USB wired tethering (also with LR active) without the WT-4A connected? That would be Nikon Transfer as part of View NX you would use for that??

When you connect up the WT-4A to the Mac (wirelessly), what do you launch on the computer? Or is there something always running in the background and you don't need launch anything?

What other Nikon or tethering utiilities do you have installed/running?

Are you transferring NEF or JPEGs? Very unlikely any non-Nikon software would be picking up NEF transfers. Something else might be looking for JPEGs, but that would pop-up anytime you saved any new file to disk.

The only solution if one exists I would think would be to look through all your Nikon Transfer / View NX type utilities for an "After transfer... show in Finder" type menu option. Sorry if that is stating the obvious....

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Mark W.

Mark, first of all, many thanks for taking the time to look into this issue. I´ll try to answer all your point as accurately as possible:

First of all, no Nikon apps are needed for file transfer. I´ve run Nikon´s "Wireless Transmitter Utility" prior to the shoot to configure the WT-4a into "transfer mode". All it asks is the destination folder in the local hard drive, and wireless settings.

I´m not entirely sure which protocol is used in "transfer mode" but since no Nikon App is required to run for the transfer, I assume it uses any of OSX´s file sharing options. No separate FTP Server is being used. The photos land directly in the folder configured in "Wireless Transmitter Utility".

I´ve transfered both JPEGs and NEFs, but most of the testing has been done only with JPEGs.

I don´t have other Nikon Apps for tethering, like View NX.

Still think it comes down to OSX, since I found a post around from a user who had a similar issue while scanning documents. After every new scan, Finder would open a Finder window showing its destination.

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