What would you buy? D600 or K5II/s

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Re: Majority of new D600 users have no idea

I have a K-5 and a D800.  I just got a speed light a few days ago.  And couldn't agree more about the flash system.   Without reading anything, it just works.    I bought the D800 for the flash system and it has not disappointed me.

I am keeping the K5 as my hiking camera.  The D800 is not much bigger than than the K5.  But the Nikon Zooms are much bigger than Pentax limited lenses.  Even my Nikon 70-200 f/2.8 is much bigger than my Pentax 50-135 f/2.8.

But the main reason I wanted to post is to say that when I was researching the D800, I rated the repair/maintenance much worse than Pentax.  I had a good experience with CHRIS (I hope I have their name correct / The authorized repair center in the US) when my lens release button broke.

On the other hand, all of the research I did indicated that Nikon service is really bad.  While they offer a 5 year warranty, they also deny many repairs due to "impact" damage.  Impact damage doesn't just mean you dropped the lens.  It basically means something broke in the lens.   I also read they don't cover moisture damage if the WR seals fail even if it was caused by a few rain sprinkles.  To make matters worse, I have heard they have stopped selling parts to non-Nikon repair centers.  So you have to use Nikon in many cases if your lens breaks.   In the US, Nikon will only service lens with a US serial number.  So be very careful if you buy a used lens.

Note, that all of the above is what I read on various web sites / forums.  I haven't had a need for any service yet from Nikon.  However, I wouldn't have bought the D800 if I had intended it for the kind of abuse I put my K5 through.

As far as the gunk showing up in D600's sensor I think it is too early to know how bad it will be.  More than likely it will just require a wet cleaning more often for the first few thousand shots.  But it is possible that it could be a longer term problem.  If it concerns you, read the forums posts on it to see what others have to say about it.   Since I don't have a D600, I haven't been following it.

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