Does Canon 6D have hidden sensors around central cross point like 5DM2?

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Re: Does Canon 6D have hidden sensors around central cross point like 5DM2?

Absolutic wrote:

Read an article about AF testing on 6D by LensRentals Roger Cicala, watched the video from digitalrev, and I have this question:

I know that 6D has a really old AF system going to as old as Canon 30D with a single X point.

Umm, where did you get that "I know" from? Because it's incorrect. The 6D has an AF system that is different from any previous Canon. Canon claims it can focus in lower light than any other Canon DSLR ever, enthusiast or professional. That it happens to have a similar amount of focus points as an older system doesn't mean they would have anything else in common.

However, on 5DM2 for example, this single X point has some extra sensors around it that are hidden, if I remember correctly. However, I don't remember reading anything about these sensors on a 6D, are they there, or did they remove this facility?

As far as anyone knows, the new AF system in the 6D doesn't have the invisible AF points that the 5D and 5D Mark II have.

In his initial testing, the sensitivity of AF on 6D is the same as 5DM2 and worse than on 5DM3, despite the marketing claims re -3EV.

You are now confusing sensitivity with accuracy. They are two completely different things.

Sensitivity means the minimum amount of light in which AF can work. Accuracy means how accurately AF works in given conditions.

Roger Cicalas test you quoted tested accuracy, not sensitivity.

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