Nex-7 with sel 16mm and UWA

Started Dec 2, 2012 | Discussions thread
OP Pentaxdan1985 Regular Member • Posts: 111
I guess no one cares to comment :/

I don't mean to complain, however, I'm a little disappointed.  Most of my threads go by with maybe one or two replies, but this one was just pushed to the second page without even a slight reply.  I thought they turned out really good, and that some of you might appreciate some good examples of the Nex-7 with 16mm and UWA.  Its seems like no one really cares about photos on this site.  The only threads that ever get comments are who's camera is better or the same redundant questions about lenses.  I fill that this forum has lost the essence of what a camera is all about.  It seems the only way some one can get into a good conversation is to bash something or proclaim they and their equipment is the best.

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