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Paul Bridge
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Re: Adobe PS Lightroom

No it doesn't.

Lightroom is pretty brilliant. It stores and organises your pictures and allows a great variety of different ways of classing them by your assessment, tags, metadata etc. You can create collections, sets of collections and smart collections which search your entire catalogue of shots.

Any editing work you do is non-destructive: that is Lightroom stores the original image and stores in a database the changes you made, so when you view or print its the shot plus changes that you see. If you export it also carries the changes: BUT here's the genius because the editing is non-destructive its very easy to make a virtual copy of your image inside Lightroom and treat it an entirely different way and because of the way the programme remembers the work you did - ie as data not a copy image - it doesn't take twice the disk space, and you don't have to keep track of renaming copies etc.

Personally I think Lightroom is a great programme its very photographic rather than having the graphic emphasis of programmes like photoshop.

Also right now its price is a bargain

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