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Re: Thule must be Ultra Extreme II at wintertime.

There was a person from Switzerland who had been to the South- and West-Greenland in the summertime. Moreover, he had set the heading to: "... Extrem usage in Greenland …"

He was facing “the harshest weather conditions”, so I assume you are facing the most terrible weather conditions a man can face and survive.

Thule is indeed very far north.

In wintertime, I have been living as far north as Ny-Ålesund, Svalbard.

Was it extreme, well a few times, it was that. However, I am living far north of the Arctic Circle, so I guess I am used to the Arctic weather.

Anyway, I have some comments and a question:

First, I am glad you are using Norway to take great pictures. You are very welcome and maybe you will visit the northern part sometime in the future?

I like the pictures of the musk very well, but not the way you have put the video together. However, that is another story.

You have referred some images with "Sea eagles", but there are eight living species of Sea Eagles. Therefore, it is not a good name to use. The "right" name to use is White-tailed Eagle (Havørn in Norwegian) and is very common in Norway. I have very many observations of White-tailed Eagle during the year. Anyway, this is very nice shoots of one of my favorite birds.

You also have pictures of the Golden Eagle (Kongeørn in Norwegian) and that is my favorite eagle.

These are the only two eagles we have in Norway, throughout the year. In the summertime, there are some few Ospreys (Fiskeørn in Norwegian).

What are your opinions about the Nikon 70-300mm F4.5-5.6 G. I am asking, because the one I tested was not good enough. It worked very slowly and in low light, it was almost a pain to use. I was also very disappointed with the sharpness. I have the Nikon 70-200mm F2.8 G AF-S VRII. However, I was looking for lighter lenses to use at top trips.

I am looking forward to see some more pictures from Greenland.

Anyway, the sun disappeared in mid-November and will not be back until mid-February.

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