Please help - TMI !!

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Please help - TMI !!

I have spent more time trying to figure out what camera to buy then I did buying my last 3 cars.  Really to much info and choices.

Budget: up to $600.

Size: up to the size of a smaller DSLR, but prefer something about the size of a Nikon J1.

MP: 12 - 16 would be ideal.  Less or more is OK.  Don't want huge image files.  Mostly online viewing.

Storage: Must use a standard SD card.

This is a camera for my wife and I.  We don't take pictures that often, but probably would take more if we had a "better" camera.  What is "better"?  Something that will take a picture faster and have a better picture quality (indoor especially) then our cheep point and shoot / iPhones.

Honestly, most of our pictures are of our dogs.  Indoor pics (with and without a flash) are pretty important.  Outdoor with a telephoto lens, not so much.

Features In order of importance:

1) Quickly be able to take a picture and be ready for the next one (with and without a flash).

2) Easy to use interface (touch screen LCD is a big plus)

3) Easy to turn the flash on / off.  A dedicated popup flash is ideal.

4) Decent pictures.  Indoor (with and without a flash) is the most important.  ** Please note this is #4 on the list ***

5) Wide angle up to a small zoom lens.  Would prefer a single fixed lens, but would be open to interchangeable.

6) Ability to take reasonable video (outdoors mostly).  Prefer HD (1080p) at 30 f.p.s.

7) WiFi.  Not for social media, just more to get the pics off the camera.  Not a deal breaker by any means.

I really love the idea of the Samsung Galaxy Camera.  It just does not seem to be that big of a step up from a mobile phone in terms of image quality though.

Current considerations:

- Nikon J1 with the 10-30 and 30-110.    (Costco has a pack for $550 with a case and SD card)

- Samsung Galaxy Camera.  I am pretty sure I will smarten up though.

Lastly, a note about what we have now.  As I sad, we do use our cell phones (iPhone 4's) quite a bit.  We also bought a cheep ($80) waterproof point and shoot about 2 years ago.  It is actually not too bad for outdoor point and shoot.  Will use that camera for the beach, skiing etc.  I also have a GoPro HD2.  Love the GoPro, but it is what it is.

Nikon 1 J1
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