Help Pls!! Just got Minolta lens 50mm. 1.7

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Re: Help Pls!! Just got Minolta lens 50mm. 1.7

cplunk wrote:


Well long story short..... Apparently, I'm now stuck with this nice little lens... :-(And yes, as u guys said,It is a problem related with the Aperture blades, due to....the infamous oil!(unfortunately I was not aware of this issue on the Minolta lenses..) that prevent the blades from working properly. But as the OP says, mine seems to work fine on M MODE at 1.7... and that's where, in my case, gets most of the use.. Oh well I paid $60.., other than that optical wise seems to be perfect..So I can always try to clean the blades whenever I get the chance..

It can be a problem with any lens. But these Minolta lenses can be up to 25 years old (maybe more) and some have likely seen a lot of use. I'm not sure if these are any better or worse than other lenses, or it's just due to there age and use.

But this is always something to be aware of purchasing secondhand lenses.

Yeah and in the case of the "xx" lenses, its a virtual guaranteeing that these are over 25 years old. I buy and sell a lot of older Maxxum gear on eBay, and I would say.... about half of the "XX" gear I end up with has oily blades. I've had 50/1.7, 50/1.7, 35-70/4, 35-105/3.5-4.5, beercan, 28/2.8, all with oily blades. I've had good luck with the 135/2.8 "XX", two copies without oil(though not a large enough sample to say that lens is less likely to have it).

So when you find "XX" gear, make sure the seller has checked it for oily blades and that they know something about camera gear in general. I buy a lot of larger lots, many "as-is" etc so my "oily blade" rate is going to be higher, so I would suggest trying to buy from the more established sellers that properly describe their gear.

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