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Is PS Lightroom 4 just a way to process and cataloge photos. I notice that there is no save to option button only an export option. Does this mean that once the images are processed they are to be exported to a editing program to save?

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Bill Romer

Essentially that's correct.  The adjustments you make are actually saved in a separate file; if you want to create a copy of the photo with the adjustments applied you export it to another file and you choose what type of file that is, as well as making other choices during the export such as resizing and compression rate.

I export to another folder within the same folder where the original resides so it's easy to find.  How I export depends on how it is to be used.  I export a small jpg for Facebook, whereas I'll export a full-size version for printing from Qimage.  If I'm exporting for further editing in PS, I'll export a tiff.  If I'm going to Photomatix for HDR processing, I use the plug-in so an intermediate file isn't necessary.


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