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jfriend00 wrote:

Theodoros Fotometria wrote:

seahawk wrote:

I have even heard of MQB, but I disagree on your opinion on Nikon´s options. A plattform only used for one model is usually the most expensive to keep up, so I think we will see the D800 body with a DX sensor, as we will see a FX D5X00.

And I generally disagree on the notion that the body is the most important part, because if it where the difference between D7000 and D600 would be a joke. The sensor is the most expensive single part.

The sensor (and associate electronics) is only able to make a 40% of difference in production between DX and FX... the "rest" is only "taking advantage of the market"... Body though... Try the following... go to a maker's service and ask for "sensor replacement" or "body replacement" ...see the answer... in the second Q costs enough to have your camera "thrown away"... if it's sensor it might cost you up to 50% for a brand new one...

Theodoros, this is a totally ridiculous comparison. You are comparing the cost of the sensor to the cost of everything else in the camera. You are comparing the cost of replacing a part that is designed to be replaceable with one that is not. The body does not include everything else in the camera. It doesn't include electronics, viewfinders, mirrors, auto-focus systems, shutters, LCDs, etc... Ridiculous comparison.

No... I am comparing nothing... YOU ARE! (and YOU are that makes the ridiculous comparison).......  I am just explaining to you the importance (and the cost) of a body!

Anyway, I've just added a new person to my ignore list because the SNR in your posts is way too low. Too many of your posts either contain new pertinent content or are copy/paste of the same thing you've already said (you can link to previous posts if you need to refer to something you've already written).

Yet, you are replying to (only some of) the same posts that you force me to repost again and again by not answering them to their fundamentals... Common logic to "show offs" if you ask me...

The reason? ...You want to "create threads" again and again for a "fictitious product" that will never "see surface" but will make your posts "hit high numbers" ...yet, (since that is your multiple interference with the same subject)'ll keep posting the same nonsense and oppose reasoning...


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