JPEG settings for Pentax cameras

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Re: JPEG settings for Pentax cameras

My K200D and now my K-30 are my holiday cameras, so I like my shots with a pit of punch, and use jpgs almost exclusively. The idea of processing thousand of shots from a trip to, say, New England does not really appeal to me. Therefore I use 'bright', with saturation and contrast +1, sharpness fine +1, and am pretty satisfied with the results. My major complaint with the K200D is that AWB is not always completely reliable, bur I've learned to work round it. I'm still finding my way around the K-30, but so far I'm impressed by the IQ and the feature set.

I've added some of my favourite shots from various trips. I don't mind going to the 'touristy' places and shooting alongside the 'great unwashed'; I'm one of them.

View to freedom from the top of the Buchenwald concentration camp.

The thronging hordes enjoying  a peaceful day out during Easter 2011.

Probably the best shot I've ever taken. I like the composition and the story it tells. Seronera River area, Serengeti, Tanzania.

Scotland is magical, evenif its been photographed a thousand times.

The first time I tried a CP, and you can see the vignetting. Otherwise I like it.

A bit overexposed, but it was the first time I used the K200D in anger, and I was still learning.

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