E-30 vs. E-5 - worth the $$$ or wait for E-7 (?)

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Re: E-30 vs. E-5 - worth the $$$ or wait for E-7 (?)

Depends on what price difference you are finding.

- New, the price difference at the E-5's release was $900 (The E-30 was end of stock at BH at $810, the E-5 was $1699). While the E-5 is clearly a better camera, it is not $900 better

- Used, I guess you can get an E-5 around $1000 or so. The E-30, on the other side, seems to be pretty hard to get, and I haven't seen it used under $600 (I have to admit I haven't looked much), and it's clear it is now holding a price higher than what a used E-3 costs.

Apples to apples, I personally would gladly pay $400 more for an E-5 versus an E-30. I believe it's worth it.

As for the sensors - it has been discussed extensively. They might have the same sensors, but they are treated differently, the E-5 has a lighter AA filter, and the results show it clearly.

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