Is NEX-7 at all comparable to NEX-6?

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LOL what??!

my own experience with both 5N and 7 tells me the exact opposite:

- there is no visible difference in high-ISO image quality once scaled to 16mp

- even the kit lens yields higher resolution photos, because downsizing the 24mp files produces finer detail. not by much, but still..

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You use words like "toy" and then wonder why you would get replies such at that? Ever since the 6 came out, there are tons of threads with people who seem to be concerned that the 7 has lost some kind of status recently. Or at least that's what the threads imply. It's ok, you still have the biggest monster truck on the block...

what I saw so far there were tons of posts saying that N6 is about as good as N7 or actually better - which is pretty surprising, but should be expected; however, a simple Newtonian action-reaction principle warns that untrue "facts" will be refuted

the only area that really matters - and is long, long overdue to deliver in NEX line - where N6 should shine over N7 with flying colors: its PDAF performance for fast action shooting, so far was not convincingly demonstrated with fast lenses of longer FLs (not surprisingly again, as there is only just one such lens - the SAL 50/1.8 = not exactly long FL by any means);

EDIT: and OP is right of course - the crispness and amount of details in N7's 24Mpx RAWs is fantastic, the 16Mpx of N6 (actually a bit less due to PDAF sensels) are not exactly able to catch up to that level ,

Honestly, I have posted about it here. The RAW is indeed impressive, but, unless you'd heavily crop, or print on a huge format, such details disappear.

I have taken quite a few 5N and 7 test pictures side by side and pushed them through the same LR workflow, producing 16Mp output files. And you truly can not tell the difference between the two cameras then.

The one stop advantage of the 5N under lowlight does produce better images (faster shutter speed at ISO 3200).

PDAF support for the E50 does not exist yet, only for the longer zooms at long FL


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