D600 sensor dust timelapse after 7000 actuations

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Re: D600 sensor dust timelapse after 7000 actuations


You mention that there are many details missing from my post, however if you read my first post more carefully you'll see that the answers to all your questions are here.

As I mentioned in my initial post, the camera was on a tripod during the whole timelapse, the lens was not changed, I did not even move the zoom or focus ring... One of the points of doing the timelapse was to rule out external contamination and show that the dust comes from inside the camera, even after 7000 shutter actuations. So really the way I change my lenses has nothing to do with it, but since you ask I always change my lenses indoors with the camera facing down.

I have the self cleaning feature enabled on my camera, it is enabled by default on the D600 by the way and I don't see why anyone would disable it. As mentioned in my first post I did run it manually on top of it being automatically scheduled, and I did blow the sensor to try to dislodge any of the dust that was here to begin with.

Regarding shooting past f/11, again as I mentioned before I did the shots at f/29 so that the spots would all show clearly. That does not mean they don't show at more practical appertures. Here's an example of a shot taken at f/8 where you can clearly see spots on the upper corners as well as the middle near the top of the frame.

You don't need to shoot at f/29 to see the spots

Roman, do you own a D600 yourself? In your post you mention that you have dust on all your sensors, and imply that you can get rid of them just with the inbuilt sensor cleaning. If that is the case you're really lucky and I'd like my D600 to perform the same. I hope Nikon will come up with a fix that will allow me to just let the camera do its cleaning, and maybe do a more thorough cleaning a few times a year. But as it stands now I pretty much would have to wet clean the sensor every other day if I wanted to keep a clean sensor.

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