Upgrade CS6 question

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Re: Upgrade CS6 question

So long as you have CS5 already, you are not facing a price increase after the end of the year. That price increase will apply only to those who are currently running CS3 or CS4. Adobe's policy of charging full price for an upgrade to those NOT owning the immediately previous version may or may not prove successful for them. (I think it's a poor choice on their part.) However, this should not be a concern for you.

As for having CS6, I'm very happy that I have upgraded.  They've done work "under the hood" that makes the program run more efficiently and more quickly.  An example which will show this off quickly is to check out how fast the results of the Liquify filter are applied compared to earlier versions.  They've also added a utility that allows merging of bracketed images in CS6's HDR Pro utility and then returning a 32-bit file to either Lightroom or Camera Raw for further processing.  This has worked well for me.

The only thing you might want to check on is whether or not your computer is up to the task.  A good video card and ample RAM are really a must.


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