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Re: I own a couple of Alpha cameras

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Great info, but still, would I best be served using the NEX 7 with LAEA-2 adapter with say a sigma 30mm F1.4 A mount lens, or just using the A550 with the sigma F1.4 ? From your post, it appears the NEX 7. Not shooting sports or fast moving objects. Mostly, of late shooting events, Low light stuff. Once camera Mounted on Tripod, usually the A550 with Minolta 200mm F2.8 APO G lens for candid shots, and NEX 7 with LAEA-2 Adapter and Minolta A Mount 50mm F1.7 for everything else.., Doing a little studio work as well, but that's a non issue. I've created several threads on this subject I know, but I'm simply trying to pin down the best option. downside of getting info here, is you get sooo many variations...hard to pick thru it all. Views? opinion?

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Sony NEX 7, Sony A550, Sony LAEA-2

The LAEA-2 has a translucent mirror in it, so the ISO performance will be worse off than when you use native lenses. Couple that with no IS and no, the nex-7 will not be better than the your A550. If you need the extra resolution from 14mp compared to 24mm, the Nex is a better bet, otherwise I would use the A550.

The noise advantage of the Nex 7 is about 1/3rd stop, the SLT mirror in the adapter negates that. So you loose IS and don't gain any noise advantage. I don't see the point of using the Nex, it will be less comfortable to handle with the adapter and large lens as well so...

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