Are any of the very old Canon full-frame DSLRs worth buying?

Started Dec 2, 2012 | Discussions thread
Jurriaan Schalken Regular Member • Posts: 240

Canon 5D.

Just looked at some of my 5d pictures, from before i bought the 5D2.

I still think there is more, and better color in the 5D classic. Less murky & blotchy shadows, much less low iso banding. The low iso files are cleaner, and pop like almost no other fullframe does.

Still like low iso better, apart from resolution, than any of the new camera's.

In fact, I will only buy a new Canon if color depth and the 'pop' (nothing to do with DOF) is back, it might be with the 5DIII, haven't seen or worked with too much files yet.

You won't regret buying one, i still regret selling my 5D classic. It's just a joy to use.

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