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I never understand these posts. (Of course I don't have children and prefer more composed photos of my adult family and our dogs.) I have the x100 and now the X Pro1, and the AF has never bothered me.

I also have a 7D kit with bunches of lenses, which is going up for sale. The AF on this system never bothered me — or impressed me either. (I do remember some issues with focusing when the 7D first came  out. Not speed of AF, but setting the AF points, etc.)

One trick with the Fuji AF is to set the AF box to its smallest dimension. Most everyone knows this by now. Also, if you look to the right of this forum posting you will see the most bookmarked posts. I believe there is an entire post on tricks with Fuji AF.

The Olympus and the Sony NEX7 have their own quirks as well. For me, the Olympus is a camera the tries to look like a classic, but fails to go the extra distance. Having the aperture controls on the lenses, and the shutter speed and exposure on the camera, would have made it more complete. But you are still dealing with a small sensor.

I looked hard at the NEX7. The camera and the Zeiss 24mm really appealed to me. But the low light is not there, and it is too "digital" in handling and in the image quality — for me. But it was close.

The X Pro1 is the best choice for me. Just need to get the raw support going, and some more primes out there (I won't do zooms any more.)

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