P7000 upgrade to P7700

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Re: OK - here goes....

Greynerd wrote:

Just a note of caution. I heard that last P7000 upgrade stopped third party batteries working. Presumably there is someone who can confirm if that is true or not.

It does, but there is a workaround. You will need two SD cards for this operation, with a copy of only one firmware version on each card. So don't forget which card has which firmware on it.

With non-fake battery inserted, reflash firmware back to v1.1.

Insert fake battery and replace SD card with the one containing the new firmware, and reflash firmware again back up to v1.2.

You may need to press the on/off button TWICE to get the camera to turn on the first time, but it will now work with latest firmware and fake battery combination.

NB: 1. If you remove fake battery from the camera, charge it, and then reinsert it, the camera will now detect the fake and refuse to switch on until you go through the firmware reflash procedure over again.

2. If you replace the fake battery with the non-fake battery, this also does the same thing, and the camera will now not accept the fake battery, as it can tell the difference. So the firmware re-flash procedure must be carried out again.

This may look quite tedious and fiddly to do, but it is quite straightforward and quick once you get used to it, and for the massive difference in battery cost, it is worth it to me!

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