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René .... we are required to use ethanol blends

What you call "bio-ethanol" we call simply ethanol, and it is virtually impossible to buy gasoline in the USA that doesn't contain some ethanol. You can sometimes find 100% gasoline sold, but it is very hard to find, and very expensive to buy.

Both the regular (87 octane, incidentally) and premium fuels (91 octane) here contain 10% ethanol. This is our E-10. There is also an E-85 blend available (85% ethanol, 15% gasoline) for those who are most concerned about using a renewable fuel and have no concern for cost or fuel efficiency. Only a few car models are recommended for E-85 fuel by their manufactures.

There is also an E-15 blend available in some places.

100% ethanol will burn 30% less efficiently than 100% gasoline, effectively making your 30mpg car into a 22mpg car. It just takes more ethanol to travel the same distance in any car. This is why the most common form is a 10% blend, do you won't notice the efficiency loss so much.

Naturally, the higher the ethanol content goes, the lower the fuel efficiency will be.

Ethanol blends were mandated by federal law due to environmental concerns since alcohol is a renewable resource. However, the manufacture of ethanol in large quantities here has driven up the price of corn so high, that all meat and milk prices have skyrocketed, since corn is also a major feed grain for livestock.

Then actually had food riots in Mexico because the price of corn tortillas went so high, and this is a staple for the poor there.

While the original intent of mandating ethanol was to decrease dependence on gasoline, the actual result has been higher milk and meat prices. The ethanol program has essentially been an federal subsidy for ethanol producers, since the government pays a 51 cent a gallon subsidy. Putting it another way, without that subsidy ethanol blends would cost a lot more, and then we'd probably have a brisk black market for cheaper "pure gasoline" which is actually more fuel efficient, and better for your car.

We go through all this because many people would much rather we imported oil than drilled our own oil. They must think it is somehow "better for mother nature" if the oil is drilled in Mexico or Canada than in the USA.

The government has even banned American oil companies from drilling in some waters off our southern coast.... and the drilling was promptly taken over by foreign nations.

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