It appears Canon has solved the banding issue? 6D!

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Re: How nice would it be if Canon made a camera...

schmegg wrote:

Great Bustard wrote:

The difference is much closer to 1 stop than to 2 stops. The theoretcial difference based on the difference in sensor size and assuming equally efficient sensors is 1 1/3 stops. Sensorgen shows that the 5D3 and 60D sensors are about the same efficiency, and DPR's widget shows that the 5D3 has about the same noise at one stop higher ISO than the 60D.

My own tests (5D3 & 7D) pretty much confirm this. The difference, at pixel level and at higher ISOs, is around one stop - probably a tad more. At image level it's more like two stops.

I usually stop at ISO3200 on my 7D (though it's certainly not a 'hard limit' at all), and, with the 5D3, I stop at ISO12800 (though, once again, I'm happy to go above that in certain circumstances).

I suspect the 6D will be much the same - ISO12800 practically similar to ISO3200 on an 18MP crop.

It's a rough guide - but it might be useful for those moving up from an 18MP crop.

thank you tt's certainly very helpful for people like me who are using rebels. The difference at pixel level is important to photographer but 99% of the audiences are normal folks who see a photo at image level. good to hear its more like 2 stops.

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