Pocket Wizard and Einstein 640

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Re: Pocket Wizard and Einstein 640

Tihomir wrote:

You won't be able to control the power output of the Einstein with the PocketWizard MC2. It is only working with small flashes (as far as I know). I'm not sure if the works for non-Canon or non-Nikon flashes, but for sure it worked with a 580ExII that I had a year ago.

The power of the Einstein can be controlled with the Paul C Buff's CyberSync transmitters and receivers. This means you may sell your PocketWizards and buy CyberSyncs.

Most flashes that allow remote power control have either a dedicated remote control (separate from the flash triggering devices) or the power control is built into their proprietary transmitter and receiver.

you can control power on the einstein with the powermc2 module. The problem is that you can only set a 6 stop range with it so you cannot use the full range of the flash unit.

Until they fix this, I'll continue to use the Cyber Commander and CSXCV receiver

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