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Re: Slightly different question about Zeiss

We had a reviewer here a while back compare the zf21 to the 14-24. He shot the side by side images in midday sun of a barn in the middle of a treeless field.
Have you ever contemplated shooting a shadeless barn in midday sun?
Neither lens looked like anything familiar to me, he had destroyed any reason for owning either.

>fft81 wrote:

all the research i've done

And for all the 'all' and you still dont know (grin).
You dont seriously think these are rebranded Nikkors in Blue boxes instead of Gold.
Your research sounds like its a waste of time.

First thing that should become obvious (except if you are a barn shooter) is a perception of depth that the Nikkors dont have. The 200/2 is close in colour but still doesnt do it and only the 35/1.4ai-s is close. Someone said the 55micro as well but I've never used one.

There isnt anything like them in the Nikkors so I dont know how you are able to compare MTF's and gain some sort of insight. Zeiss's own MTF measurements are actual and in a different unit scale then those used my the likes of Nikon, Canon, Sigma ...etc. Their measurements are projected (PROJECTED) values where the MTF on the Zeiss are actual (ACTUAL).

The micro-contrast that is so apparent in the Zeiss isnt in the tables and neither is the colour. The Nikkors are showing the strain on the likes of the D800 and the E.

Here is some research ...

Grab a couple of beers and a good seat, put on some music and view the Nikon photo forum on FM and take a break then go to the zeiss thread in the alt forum wont matter what monitor you have, how bad your eyes are or how goggle eyed you get from the beers ....the difference is like looking at a barn in midday sun.

I'm not so fond of the Planars but the Distagons are insane, the 35/2 is nearly the cheapest and is my favourite, next the 21, then the 100, I've got the 50Makro but I dont like the FL so much and am waiting to see what comes after the new 55, am hoping for something crazy in a wide.

All on a D700 ...

ɹǝpun uʍop puɐl ǝɥʇ ɯoɹɟ

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