Is the d4 better at focusing than the d800?

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Ray Soares wrote:

olyflyer wrote:

TOF guy wrote:

You forgot to mention that this is only valid for YOUR type of photography. Some people do other stuff where 60ms may mean getting paid or not getting paid for an image.

They never get the picture they want then because 60 is much faster than ANYBODY's reaction.

Actually, there are times when 60ms is a whole lot of time. I know people who can not be photographed with TTL flash because they always blink just when the main flash is fired and they blink very fast. 60ms is also quite a lot of time if you are shooting at high frame rate a fast moving target, so sure, while 600ms is much faster than MOST people's reaction, I would not be that sure that it is faster than ANYBODY's reaction.

My youngest son blinks whenever I use my SB-700 LOL! He is the only person I've ever met that could achieve that, so I bought a D4 to shoot him at ISO 12800... (Just kidding )

But he really blinks faster than my SB-700!

Yes, iTTL can be a nuisance some times since there is a pre-flash just before the main flash. My experience with this issue is also connected to children. Some of them are extremely fast and have sensitive eyes. I don't know how they will be when they grow up, maybe they will slow down, but for now, manual flash is necessary to shoot those kids or you must be lucky. Waiting for a blink and pushing the shutter just after a blink is no help in iTTL on those kids.

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