Speed Priority Continuous Shooting

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Re: refer to manual

alpha604 wrote:

Continuous burst can readjust for focus and exposure changes between frame at the expense of a bit of speed.

Speed Priority enables faster burst, but at the expense of AF & Exposure adjustments as these settings are locked from the first frame.

If you want more control, use standard Continuous.


Both Cont. Shooting and Spd Priority Cont. will continuously adjust the exposure for each frame if you set AEL w/shutter to Off. The difference is in AF-C mode, Cont. Shooting uses Hybrid focusing (it will engage CDAF) whereas Spd Priority Cont. only uses PDAF. If condition isn't suitable for PDAF (small aperture / insufficient light) Spd Priority Cont. mode will not refocus between frames.

This is stated on pages 54 and 55 of the NEX-6 handbook, which can be downloaded below.




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