Lapland - Need recommendations

Started Dec 3, 2012 | Discussions thread
Ralf Ronander
Ralf Ronander Contributing Member • Posts: 796

I wouldn´t count on temperatures that high in februari.

Last feb (2012) it was down to -42 in southern Swedish Lapland. I was there at the time, and even if midday temp rose to -37 I had no problems with my D300 - it worked just fine.
I´m sure the D3s and D800 won´t have an issue with the temperature.
Where I am just now it is -18 and the D800 have no problems what so ever with that.

I wouldn´t recommend having the camera inside any clothing, it will just get condensated when you take it out - hold your breath while operating the camera for the same reasons.

To cope with extreme cold the only way to go is to have several thin layers of clothes, and be sure to have undergarmets of wool (preferably merino wool) and not of cotton. Make sure you have warm boots otherwise nothing will keep you from freezing.

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