Olympus AF Far Superior

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Re: Olympus AF Far Superior

My X-E1/18-55 is a joy to use, including its focus performance...

I came to the camera from a history of high-end compact/prosumer cameras, i.e. all contrast-detect autofocus, and the X-E1 autofocus kicks ass compared to anything I've previously owned. I've taken images indoors in ridiculously low light and they've come out much better than I'd have a right to expect - I do assume I have to give the camera something reasonable to focus on, not a blank piece of wall or some other area of low contrast, but that is just a photographic technique like any other.

So fine, the OM-D EM-5 has excellent auto-focus, congratulations to the Olympus engineers, but I'd still rather have my X-E1.

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