seems like a fair amount of noise for an ISO 200 shot (C&C Requested)

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Re: seems like a fair amount of noise for an ISO 200 shot (C&C Requested)

I do see some noise in the shadows, unlike the others who have replied.  Not that it makes any difference - the explanation is what's already beed given.

This is a good example of why we chimp our digital cameras: if you set the histogram and blinkies you can see whether and where you are getting clipped highlights.  Your shot as taken would have shown none  but would have looked dark.

You could then either alter exposure mode to centre-weighted to work from the faces, or dial in some +EV until they looked right (or, possibly, both).  This would result in some highlight clipping round the sun but the blinkies would show how big an area.  You might have needed a few tries to get the balance between the people and clipping optimal, and still have needed a bit of opening; but not to the extent of bringing out shadow noise.

Incidentally, did you shoot raw or JPG?  The ISO200 DR is about 12 stops in raw, only about 9 stops in JPG so if you shot JPG you could get a couple of stops' worth less noise by shooting raw.

As for the picture itself, I like the way you've cropped it but the WB looks too warm.

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