EOS M vs E-M5 AF comparision

Started Dec 2, 2012 | Discussions thread
PhilM oz Senior Member • Posts: 1,292
Biased testing

Image review is set to 2 seconds on the EOS-M and turned off on the E-M5. The 2nd blackout on the EOS-M is the camera switching back to live view from image review. The 'tester' has turned off all the OSD elements in live view mode on the EOS-M to try and hide this difference.

EOS-M is set to save RAW images and is using a very slow SD card - watch the power LED after the image is shot and see how long it takes to save. Mine is much faster.

Yes the EOS-M has slower initial AF; but the rest of the test is bogus and designed to make it look much worse than it really is (IMHO).


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