Need help for Nikon D7000 vs Canon EOS 7D

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Both are due for replacement early 2013 so hold off for now

You say you have done your research so I'm not going to suggest other models.

I have owned a D7000 for 2 years and it's a fine camera (28'000 shots on the meter even though I almost never take it on hikes or moutaineering etc because it's too bulky and heavy and cumbersome).

Quite a few people were complaining about front or back AF in the early days but frankly I think it's mostly because the camera offered the possibility to fine-tune the AF (which is great because it allows to optimise focus which is often needed with "fast" lenses given the design of DSLRs where there are two different optical paths, one to the AF sensor and one to the imaging sensor).

On my D7k I have needed zero AF micro-adjust for the 85mm f1.4, zero again for the 35mm f1.8, and -10 to -12 for the 18-200 f3.5-5.6

As for the 7D, I can't tell but I'm sure it's a fine camera also.

Now the big thing is, both cameras are due for replacement fairly soon.  So yes there are some deals to be had (especially on the D7k these days it seems) - but there will be even better deals when the successor models are announced!  Or alternatively if you can wait even more and have enough cash then the successor models might prove even better.

On a final note I think it's important to realise a few things before buying a DSLR:

- it is bulky and heavy and conspicuous.  As a result in many ways it hinders instead of helps your vision, because of all the situations where you won't be able to take it with you, won't want to, etc.  The bulk and weight and therefore the loss of creativity become even worse if you attempt to move around with a few lenses or why not a tripod in a backpack - you'll have lost all freedom.  And don't forget that you also lose on compositional freedom:  sure you can adapt many lenses, but you can't for example photograph a landscape and then a macro because you'd need a macro lens - when many compacts will do both easily.

- it's fragile.  Sure my D7k can take some dust or slight rain or some cold - but a smaller camera can take all these even much better because it fits in a pocket and thus stays protected while not in use.  And in adverse weather the smaller lens of a smaller camera gets much less quickly touched by snow / rain / water splash / other, and is also quicker and easier to clean well.  As for a fall, sure my D7k has a fairly tough chassis but if it fell from not so high on hard ground something would surely break, either body or lens.  Whereas most compact or semi-compact cameras can take a fall on hard ground and survive due to their light weight.

- the PDAF (phase detection AF= isn't as precise as CDAF (contrast detection AF).  And the CDAF is ridiculously slow.  I still have to understand why live view on these DSLRs is so sloooow to focus, when advanced compacts or mirrorless focus faster than a DSLR in its native PDAF mode.  My guess is that it's a problem with algorithms because Nikon and Canon compacts aren't very fast focusers, in contrast with Panasonic compacts for example.  Still, for someone upgrading from a good compact, it can be very frustrating at times that the expensive big toy proves less precise and slower to AF, than the small toy costing the same as a single basic lens.

- you can't film.  By film, I mean (1) have AF while you film, and (2) be able to record stereo sound.  On the Nikon side it's only with the recently announced D5200 that built-in mikes appear, something that has existed on compacts or the iPhone for ages.  As for AF, sorry, due to slooooow live view AF the DSLRs just cannot keep things in focus while filming - and while attempting this they produce weird noises which of course get picked up by the mike (which is a low quality mono mike on the D7000).  The "solution" for the sound would be an external mike which would make your package even bulkier and hurtful to your creativity.  And the "solution" for the inability to AF, is to go for MF and just manage your depth of field.

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