Editing Studio Images (Families) in LR. Seeking Feedback.

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Re: Editing Studio Images (Families) in LR. Seeking Feedback.

Sailor Blue

Thank you very much for your input. It's always valued and I'm amazed that you devoted so much time to helping me. The links are also well appreciated.

The image isn't as soft as the small preview image would suggest, but you are right it's a tad soft. It was shot at f8, 150mm and I was around 4m (12 feet) away. You are right, I should have used at least f11.

I have been struggling a little with where to place my fill light. The main light is a 175cm (70") Octa at camera left at approx 45deg and angled down. The fill is a 150x30cm (60x12") strip...just because it's what I have...at camera right. I think it was set to one stop below the main. Perhaps I should get the fill more in line with the camera's axis?

I've checked out Zack's seamless white tutorial, but never quite know whether to meter the rear lights up against the background paper or behind the subject(s).

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