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Re: 120-300 at 300mm f2.8 1Dsiii 200 iso handheld..

Gearóid Ó Laoi, Garry Lee wrote:

I have loads of really sharp shots but I think that many photographers think only of sharpness and resolution so I don't scrap good images because they aren't 100%.

I can tell you here and now that the 120-300 will not be as good as the Canons but it won't be as far off as people think.

I fully agree - hdd space is so cheap nowadays that scrapping images is not necessary on the level we both are operating. it might be different though when you're an event or sports photographer where the daily number of images exceeds our quarterly number.

Talked to some sports PJs and they produces in one soccer event more images then I do even in the busiest month

I am also aware that for some situations the image counts more then the technical perfection - but let's be honest - IMHO none of mine or yours meets that level.

This example shows what I mean by iconic imperfect shots:

Sadam Statue falling

None - really none of my images is that relevant for others.

I am again and again surprised by the courage of many photographers stating that their 'unsharp' images have a high artistic or social value and thus the technical imperfection does not count.

Photographing is first hand for me a profession which requires a good craftsmanship and then later when the craft is learned the artistic aspect may play a certain role and very few photographers manage to get decent shots with high artistically value - very few - I am hoping to get some day to a level where I do a good shot every once and a while - currently I do maybe once a year a really good shot that I would be proudly showing - the previously posted eagle is one of them.

So if you think that your images are so good and so relevant to the world that the craftsmanship does less count I am really happy for you!

For me it is a real challenge to touch people with an image but it is not my main target - I shoot almost entirely for myself to enjoy the work with the excellent equipment and to try to get the utmost out of it. If my images are relevant for others I am happy too. But I think nobody should overrate hin or herself and claim that a low craftsmanship result is good because it is artistically good.

Look in the challenges here on the forum and you'll see what I mean - yes - there are extremely good photographers here on the board that have enormous creative potential and every once and a while one of those images touches me deeply - even though it is technically imperfect - this happens maybe once or twice a year - simply because there are tons of technically and emotionally good images here on the board too!

Just look out for the "competition" and see how good others are - I really enjoy all open and fair discussions - but please let's be honest to each other - a good craftsmanship is a major part of the story telling - not the only one but a huge one (at least for me)

just my 2 CT

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