5D3 + 50L + Outer AF points = Much Sadness

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Re: Thanks.......

Dave Largent wrote:

trueview wrote:

The 5DIII can be dead accurate with outer focus points and wide aperture lenses

Are you talking here about ALL the outer points (even the non-cross) or are you mostly using only off-center cross points with your fast primes?

I mostly rely on the cross points, unless I am in good lighting and contrast conditions. I don't find them inaccurate, but much less sensitive, resulting in hunting or even failure to focus in poor light.

If I'm shooting portraits in controlled light, I will select the focus point ideal for my composition, regardless of wether it is cross point or not. For candid night shots --I've been doing quite a bit of that recently-- I use exclusively cross points, which I find very sensitive even in quite dark environments.

Hunting in poor light is also more pronounced with the sigma than my other canon primes. However, in all cases, when focus is acquired I find it accurate, on all focus points and with all my lenses.

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