Analsis Paralysis help - Entry level vs. Enthusiast DSLR's

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Analsis Paralysis help - Entry level vs. Enthusiast DSLR's


I’ve been doing a lot of reading over the last couple of weeks and the more I research, the more I’m suffering from analysis paralysis so I thought I could ask for your opinions/experiences… What are the main difference between entry-level and enthusiast cameras? What additional features do enthusiast-level cameras offer? Is it a matter of image quality? Or other features?

A little bit of background on me; I’ve owned a film SLR as well as digital p&s with manual shooting mode (which I always used) and looking to switch to DSLR’s. I shoot outdoor (landscapes, monuments, wildlife) and indoor as well. The main issue for me is that when shooting still life indoors under natural (good; not particularly dim) light things like flowers, seashells (in macro), pets and horses in the barn, museums I can get good photos it’s just that I have  had to use a tripod all the time. Since I’m starting from scratch, I want to start investing in a system where I can get decent hand-held shots rather than having to rely on a tripod all the time. I know that this is largely a matter of how bright the lens is but the body also plays a role.

I’ve narrowed down the cameras I’m looking into the categories below (please correct me if I’ve misplaced a model):

Entry level DSLR’s:

Canon T3,T4,

Nikon D3100, D3200, D5100

Pentax K30 ?


Canon 60D, 7D

Nikon D7000, D90?

Since we lack camera stores in the area (we previously had two camera stores which shut down) I’ve been to the local best buy which has a handful of DSLR’s and the sales people that I’ve talked to did not appear to know more than me – he just agreed that it was the faster shutter speed and higher fps after I had pointed it out. Maybe I’m nitpicking a bit here but I want to learn more since I don’t want to buy something now that I will outgrow within a year or so.

I’m curious to read about your experiences with these cameras – which did you like and which did you not like and why?

Thanks in advance,

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