Which would improve image quality more, lens or camera body?

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Re: Which would improve image quality more, lens or camera body?

geepondy wrote:

I have the Rebel 1000D xs camera. Not sure if it's the camera, photographer (me) or unrealistic expectations but I've never been impressed with pixel level detail of the camera and the kit lens. I was wondering for roughly the same price, which upgrade would provide better image quality, upgrading to a T4i with kit lens or investing in the Canon EFS 15-85 lens? Also is there a difference in optical quality between the 18-55 kit lens that came with my Rebel 1000D and the one that comes with the T4i?

A few ideas

- Upgrade lens first - but spend some time thinking about what you shoot, and get a lens that allows you to express your creativity with your subjects. Kit zooms are great P&S upgrades for every day use, but if you want to be creative, a fast prime is likely to suit you better (depending on your subject).

- Refine your technique - if the second "maybe" on your list is your technique you are either being very humble, or you could use a little brushing up on your skills. If its the latter, buy some books, speak to photographers (not necessarily on gear forums, and not about gear - about technique). The digital age is great because you can learn a lot faster the dos and donts. I would recommend thinking mainly about composition, exposure, lighting and so on before worrying about sharpness. I have some images that arent extremely sharp at a pixel level, but that are some of my favourites because of the moment, the subject or, most often, the light.

- Dont look at pixels. I cant stress this enough. The temptation is always there because modern sensors are so good, its fun to look at tiny details in your images like a wheres waldo puzzle - but dont get too caught up on it. A camera should be your tool for artistic expression, not a scientific instrument. Just like playing an old dinged up guitar through a worn out amp has its charm and place, so to can even misfocussed or soft images - if the overall photograph is beautiful. Im not saying dont focus or dont worry about motion blur - do, but they are not the be all and end all.

- Dont get caught up in upgrading so often. Sensor tech is improving, sure. As are the other systems (focus, processing power, bells and whistles). But if ,as another poster said, the sensor in your camera is from the 40D - then you have a fine sensor. I much prefer the 10mpx of the 40D to current generation packed with pixels 18mpx sensors.

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