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Re: I own a couple of Alpha cameras

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You've got a mirrorless in the NEX-7 that gives you around a 1/2 stop advantage over the translucent mirror Alpha's, meaning an f/1.8 lens on the NEX-7 will send virtually the same amount of light to the sensor as an f/1.4 lens on the A55, plus the fact that the NEX-7 has a newer generation processor than the A55. Therefore, if you want my opinion, you're best bet for general low light shooting using your current bodies would be either the e-mount Zeiss 24/1.8 or the soon to be e-mount 35/1.8 on your NEX-7.

IMO, as long as the e-mount 35 f/1.8 turns out to be a worthy lens, I think the ultimate Sony APS-C rig for general low light shooting for the next year or so will be the NEX-6 and the 35 f/1.8.

What are you views on the Sigma 30mm F1.4 A Mount. As you can see, I have the LAEA-2 adapter.

I like using the A mounts so I can double duty them using my NEX 7 with Adapter mentioned. Views?

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Sony NEX 7, Sony A550, Sony LAEA-2

One thing to keep in mind:

A mount DSRL/SLT cameras have in-body IS.

Nex cameras do not

So unless you're using an OS/IS lens on your Nex, the A mount camera will have a big advantage with low light/low shutter speeds. Assuming you're not shooting fast moving subjects - in which case you will need to crank the ISO to raise the shutter speed in either case.

In more static situations a camera or lens with IS will give a huge advantage. This also means again in static situations, you can stop your lens down for greater DOF when needed and get by with very low shutter speeds with IS while keeping ISO lowish.

In any case the Nex 7 is less than a half stop better with high ISO noise than your A550(per DXO).

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