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Lloydy wrote:

... I won't disagree with you. For me it is early days and I need time to experiment some more. Hope to do that soon.

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Cheers Dave. I'm not advocating not shooting RAW if you want to, but once you strike a setup with the camera that suits you, you may well find the Jpeg is good to excellent for 95% of your imaging. The thing I most like about the EXR and Kim touched on it is there are levels of comfort to be had with this camera. For example Kim gets very good results ( and you may as well ) from shooting RAW, and if you are 100% used to post processing this way it may work to your advantage.

What I've found is that if the image is well exposed and focussed, there isn't a great deal more to be had from the RAW as compared to the Jpeg. The Jpeg in these cameras in particular have a really large amount of headroom in them. Knowing this allows you to take shots in bright light, for example my bees, at +1.67 Ev and get a good image even though I knew I was overexposing. However this was necessary to get the higher shutter speeds at a lower ISO, and most importantly the object of the exercise was to get a bee in flight and stop or nearly stop the wing motion, which ain't easy with these cameras.

At the end of the day you will ( like most of us) wind up with two or three sets of settings for differing conditions, all of which I have programmed into the camera.

Images and exif here

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