Wanted: K5 equiv. E-M5 sensored 4/3's body

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Sorry but try again

bofo777 wrote:

Marty you said the k5 plus kit "could be better" then the E5 and the 2.0 lenses. I proved you were wrong and Then you respond that you did't somehow mean that and a bunch of gobaly goob about cost and weight. By the way the E5 is not 1700 anymore at least in USA can probably get one for under 1300. My 14-35 was $1500 and 35-100 was $1700 on Ebay respectably. Also I use the 14-35 as my main walk around

lens and have the 50 macro and the Leica F1.4 plus the wonderful 35-100. I am not a very muscular man, am 60, but never had any problem with weight and have done some extensive photo shoots. Question ---have you personally used any of these great lenses with an E5 to actually know want your talking about??  By the way the pic was taken with my 50mm macro in a dark church at night w/o flash.Boy that 50mm lens was HEAVY!!!!

First of all that photo wasn't taken in a really low light situation, anyone can SEE the hot lights used to illuminate and blow out the highlights on the holy man to the left and the decently illuminated faces next to him along with the side of the little girl and I can tell from the harsh shadow created  on the neck of the lady in pink. Second of all this photo is out of focus. . . It's a precious moment indeed and that's definately what matters but i'm just telling it how it is from a technical point of view.

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