x10 msICE 16 iso100 dr400 frames (96mp) for iso25

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Re: x10 msICE 16 iso100 dr400 frames (96mp) for iso25

Tim, there are likely many who could explain whats going on far better than I, here is my explanation.

Photography is applied science, unlike pure science it takes the parts of the scientific model that can be reliably applied regardless of the how well the model holds up to detailed scrutiny - this is particularly so with the physics and mathematics of light.

Iso is a measure of sensitivity to light, as a rule of thumb; the lower the iso the less sensitive to light but more the clarity captured; and inversely the higher the iso the more sensitive to light but less clarity captured. In the old days of film this was a correlation with the fineness of the halide solution and the amount of light needed set it off.

With digital the resulting clarity is some abstract measure of such things as; signal to noise ratio, dynamic range; colour response; tone response and so on.

Stacking images can achieve a lowering of the iso by increasing the light captured to improve the clarity. The mathematical algorithms used in stacking software are the means of achieving this.

Astrophotography and microscopography were early adopters of this applied science, achieving spectacular results with limited equipment. The principles remain the same in my example.

Best regards.

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