What is wrong with Tamron's VC?

Started Dec 2, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: What is wrong with Tamron's VC?

I was just reading about this earlier today in Scott Kelby's Digital Photography book, Part 4.  In the chapter on sports photography Kelby recommends turning the VR off for two reasons.  1.  It slows down the speed of autofocus, so VR can stabilize the image and 2. If you are shooting at a fast shutter speed you will not get any benefit because it is designed to help you in low light, slow shutter speed situations. He says that VR actually works against you at fast shutter speeds because it is searching for vibration which in of itself can cause slight movement.  So basically in bright light with fast shutter speeds this movement can makes things less sharp than they could be with VR turned off.

This would obviously carry over to any photography in bright light with fast shutter speeds and not just sports photography.  I don't know what shutter speed the OP was using for the two examples, but looking at the light, it would not appear they were slow shutter speeds.

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