Users of the Sigma & Sony 50 f-14

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Re: Users of the Sigma & Sony 50 f-14

travelshots_dpr wrote:

EarthQuake wrote:

Sony/Minolta (optically the same lens)


Sensor reflection issues(this lens was designed for film cameras)

The basic design is identical, but the Sony has a different coating that reduces the sensor reflections. That is the reason why I would always buy the Sony and not the Minolta version. I have seen comparisons that have proven the effect of the different coatings. The reviews of Dpreview and Kurt Munger also confirm the new coating of the Sony version.

The lens is a dated design and if you want to get maximum quality, you will have to wait until the new Sony Zeiss 1.4 50mm will be on the market. But I am sure it will be much larger, much heavier, much more expensive and of course I am sure it will be better. I have the Zeiss 2.0/24mm and that lens is a real gem (sold my Minolta 2.0/28 for it).

If you judge the Sigma 1.4/50mm you have to subdevide beween the performance on APS-C and full frame. While it performed decently in the APS-C test at photozone, it failed in full frame and not just one copy. Same results for Canon and Nikon mount. I cite from the review:

"The new Sigma AF 50mm f/1.4 EX DG HSM showed pretty impressive results in our APS-C review. However, it's not quite as convincing on full format cameras. The center quality of the lens is certainly fine and even great from f/2 onwards. Unfortunately the border & corner performance is rather disappointing. "

Kurt Munger's review has shown better results for the Sigma, so he might have got a very good copy.

Sure it has updated coatings, but there is only so much you can do with updated coatings. It is still the same optical design, IE: the same glass. Updated coatings might give better resistance to flare, or slightly less sensor reflection, but it isn't going to do miracles. Copy variation probably has more of a factor in overall IQ than updated coatings.

So, have you used the Sigma 50 then? I just got my A900 and haven't tested it thoroughly on FF, but just doing some quick shots here I'm not seeing any glaring issues. Sure its a little soft in the corners at 1.4(but I would never frame a subject in the very corner at 1.4 so...). It doesn't seem to be much better or worse in the corners than the Min 50/1.4 that I still have here, but central sharpness esp at lower apertures is way better.

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