Digital zoom difference between 60D and 600D?

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Re: Youtube offers video stabilization as well

Timbukto wrote:

It lets me preview this and it totally removes all camera shake at the expense of slightly cropping further. It's only a preview so it looks like theres a big resolution hit, not sure if actually applying it will allow Google to sharpen it up in post on their massive server. I think I haven't boosted my video bitrate yet via ML (which actually is better than just applying sharpening IMO).

I'm just starting to play around with videos and I think even flat profiles + simple grading via LR4 makes a big difference without having to deal with an extremely lengthy, hard drive and time consuming post work. LR4 lets you just boost contrast/saturation and adjust white/black levels natively and exports to an even smaller mp4 video file. I'm gonna let Youtube stabilize my video to see how it looks.

Imovie does this too - but it changes your field of view so can mess up your framing. Its kind of effective though, and takes out the motion-sickness-inducing camera shake when played on a big screen

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