Change mounts on Vivitar Series 1 lenses?

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Re: Different flange distance and aperture couling

Thanks very much for the quick reply and information!

Erik Magnuson wrote:

IIRC, D5000 doesn't meter with non-CPU lenses.

Too bad. I was hoping it would meter in manual or aperture-preferred mode.  (I have a Tamron Adaptall 2 Nikon adapter on order to use with a Tamron 500mm mirror lens, and I'm hoping to be able to use it in manual and ap-pref modes on the D5000 -- of course I know this is entirely different from the lenses in question.)

OM is distance is 46mm, Nikon is 46.5mm. Whether the lens makes up that difference in the flange or the lens tube would depend on the lens construction. Olympus has the stop down and release buttons on the lens near the mount - Nikon has them on the body. Finally the aperture coupling levers are in different locations (not that this matters as the D5000 doesn't support mechanical auto-aperture anyway.) Odds are this conversion would not be worthwhile.

Yes, it's rapidly beginning to look that way.  I haven't used the Series 1 lenses for years and didn't even think about the stop down and release button locations. On my lenses the mount is pretty wide and the buttons come through the mount itself. I don't actually own any Zuiko lenses to compare, but either way it appears that serious modifications might be be required.

Alternatively I could get an old OM digital camera to use with the lenses as they are, but that would be even more wasteful redundancy

There are no old OM digital cameras, just the E series (there's a new OM-D). You can get 4/3 and u4/3 OM adapters. Or get a Canon EOS DSLR or Sony NEX which also have OM adapters and work well with OM lenses. Or for real nostalgia, try an OM1 or OM2 film body.

If you don't want to do this, then sell your lenses on eBay - those versions would fetch a decent price as they can be used on a lot of non-Nikon digital cameras.

The E series was what I had in mind. I looked into that a couple of years ago when I got the Nikon and decided to get more Nikon gear instead but will take another look now and also check on 4/3 and u4/3 OM and Canon EOS adapters.  I have tried to wean myself from film.

Thanks again for the ideas!


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