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Re: Summarit-M F2.5 Question

Chris Dennehy wrote:


I am thinking about getting a Leica, I would like the Monochrome version but financial reality suggests that a second hand M8 is more than likely so I've been refreshing my memory by reading up on lenses.

I notice that Ken Rockwell in his Leica column pretty much rubbish's the Summarit-M range, now I've been thinking about Leica's since around 1959 and I have never know Leitz to make a mistake, except perhaps with the filter on the M8, and one or two strange (to me) decisions, so it surprises me that the Summarit's are deemed to be inferior products.

Ok so they are not that fast but for what I do F2.5 is plenty.

Thank you.

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my general issue with the M-Summarits (I have the 75) is the build quality. Comparing it with the Summicrons and Summiluxes...there's no question that the Summarits just pales in comparison...I think Leica did a disservice to the Leica users by even having this line of lenses made in Germany...they could have substantially made it cheaper by having it made in Japan so at least the price would be on par with the quality. The most annoying aspect is that rubber grip; it's out of place.

Also, the lack of APO lens is apparent on the 75mm (at least the copy I have) especially wide-open...and I think the 75 is really a f2.8 due to the relatively high amount of veiling it's minimum focusing distance of 0.9 really gets you when you need that closer distance (just for reference, the summicron has the usual 0.7 MFD)

Also, no built-in hood...only screw-on at $$$ extra?

And that slide on cap has a really cheap quality to it. I dented mine the first week I got the lens.

my complaints probably don't have any bearing in practical photography, but I would replace mine with a Summicron APO when funds permit.

with all that said...I don't really hate it that much.

75 Summarit with bokeh.

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