SX50 HS Immortalizes the S&W BODYGUARD 380... Locked

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Re: Don't feel bad....

mallbuedel wrote:

Ben Herrmann wrote:

Obviously, there's a bit of envy on your part. After all, your country does not allow free access for law abiding citizens to possess firearms at will (You have my condolences mein herr). So what then, would you like to display as part of an image (perhaps a glass of St. Pauli Girl) to make you not feel left out?

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Have a great one....
Bernd (Ben) W. Herrmann
North Carolina, USA

A shot of lest martial subjects, match boxes, f.e. in a lonely hotel room to display the quality of the cam?

Hi mallbuedel...

Perhaps you would appreciate my other recent post, where I took some test shots, of mundane things, with my SX50 HS.  No one has responded to that post yet.  Maybe you could be the first to comment.  I would appreciate your thoughts on my findings... 

Here is the link...



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