Can I get more profiles for Imageprint 9

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Re: Can I get more profiles for Imageprint 9

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My understanding is that ColorByte will make profiles for papers that they do not already cover. ImagePrint is rather expensive, and this is one of the benefits that you get for paying the high price. Of course, you will have to be a paying customer for them to create a custom profile for you. Call or email their support people, whom I have found to be very responsive and helpful.


Thanks, I've done this and they were indeed helpful. I'm now just trying to decide whether I can afford the cost. The demo prints on Epson paper are quite superior to prints using Epson driver and profiles when using my Epson 4800. It's difficult to work out why the prints look so much better but it has something to do with fine detail and the differentiation between close hues. The result is a print that just looks more real.

I think I will get one high quality profile made to order and if that doesn't closely approach the performance of the ImagePrint demo then I may spring for the money.

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For older printers such as the 4800, I wouldn't bother with the cost of a custom profile. You won't get the same results as you do with IP. I use IP with my 3880 and used it with my old 4000. I had profiles made, bought my own Spyder 3 and still couldn't even come close to the IP quality. Whatever I did, I couldn't dial out the blockage in the shadows. I eventually came to the realization that IP beats the Epson drivers by country mile. BTW, it's a known fact the the older Epson print drivers have the shadow blockage inherent in the print driver, and you can't dial it out in a custom profile. IP uses there own driver to circumvent the Epson.

I believe that the 4900 print driver comes close to IP quality but IP still has the advantage. If you decide to get IP, then you'll never have to worry about profiles anymore. I haven't used my Spyder device in a long time. The other thing that I like about IP, is the simple user interface.

I had to grudgingly conclude that IP is worth the investment.

Hope this helps.


I agree, but for some people, the cost is prohibitive.  For those who can afford IP, they will never regret having it.


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